Our Forum offers transformational relationship-building opportunities that enrich the lives of our members.  Membership is by invitation only and the result of a confidential nomination process. A prospective member is the top -- or in the case of a large organization -- one of the top female leaders in her organization. She is the kind of person others turn to as an expert, seek as a mentor, and highlight as a speaker. She is active in the community. She is considered a leader in her industry, and her influence internally and externally is impossible to deny.

IWF-WA strives for diversity of membership in many areas including field of expertise, ethnicity, age, and public, private, and non-profit companies and organizations. Our Board of Directors periodically reviews our forum demographics and identifies recruiting priorities each year to meet this goal. 
Benefits of Membership
IWF establishes connections among women leaders across every professional sector worldwide, providing access to a powerful global network.
IWF promotes global gender equity and advocates for the advancement of women in leadership roles.
IWF offers professional and personal development opportunities through exclusive networking, inspiring speakers, and unique behind-the-scenes events.